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Choosing the right Job

Usually, when we are in the process to search for a new job, we give more attention to the title and of course the salary!

This is more often to a youngest stage of life!

When a person is more hungry for success and authority!!!!

But success doesn't come if you don't go through the ranks!

I have seen talented people destroying their careers because of that in my industry.

Building up a career in hospitality is not that difficult if you are focused and hable.

Here is when an employer, a mentor, or a right leader needs to give the right guidance.

The criteria for choosing the right job needs to be more than a salary and a title. If you end up in a toxic environment or when the pressure of the duties in case of a wrong position (title) can affect your lifestyle and can end up losing much more than what you can win in the right rank and the right environment!

Consider all the aspects before you decide your next move!

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